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Just a teenage girl living life, trying to find out who she really is with a lot of love for: writing, winter, Super Junior, braided hair, Seoul, day dreaming, glitter, flowers, glossy magazines, stationery, Girls' Generation, traveling, cute photos, food, music, fanfiction, Hallyu Wave, nail polish, Taylor Swift, cute movies, inspiring quotes, Polyvore, reading, design, EXO, sleep, sunsets, History, dance, Pinkberry, and many more things.
5 Tips For Picking Up Choreography Faster

This is something I will definitely need to try since I have the memory of an 80 year old and have terrible pick up!


It’s Here! #danceloveserve #preludecarolinas

I’m a member of Entropy Dance Crew and competed at Prelude for the first time… and I don’t have words for how amazing the experience was. There are many times when I feel like I lose sight of myself as a dancer and, especially in the weeks leading up to being up on that stage, really wondered how long it was going to last. I still do. 
But being up there and watching all of the others truly inspired me to push forward and learn and grow despite my constant fears and lack of trust in myself and my movement. I don’t know how much longer this will last, and I don’t know how much more I’ll be able to give my being to this art, but I will never forget and grateful to the people who have made me this happy. To those who exposed me to this world of dance. And I will never stop trying to to make dance a part of my definition.

Flying over Chicago, IL | Jeff Filman


being a feminist means changing your behaviour to better support women, not re-labelling everything you do already as ~an empowering statement~


Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart and strong enough to live the life you’ve imagined.
—Anonymous (via aheartfortheheartless)

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